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Floorball Equipment - Sticks

Certificate: 211006
The following is an abstract of the certificate.

Holder of the certificate
Power Stick Oy; Linnavšenpolku 5 FI-00950 HELSINKI Finland
Latest revision
Valid until
Product name
Brands, stickmodels - Approved blademodels (certificates)
Fatpipe AB Chuck 33
Fatpipe Bazanga 33
Fatpipe Bolt 33
Fatpipe Bronco 30
Fatpipe Champ
Fatpipe Crusader
Fatpipe Doggy 33
Fatpipe Fat 33
Fatpipe Hog 33
Fatpipe Lash 34
Fatpipe Shock 33
Fatpipe Skull 33
Fatpipe Spank 30
Fatpipe Spooky
Fatpipe Spooky MX
Fatpipe Venom 33
Fatpipe Venom 34
Fatpipe Wiz Crusander 30
Fatpipe Wiz Wing
Fatpipe Wolder 32
Fatpipe Zortex 32
All shaftmodels above are approved with the following blademodels.
  - Fatpipe Bone; BOOM; GODAR (former R-6); Hole; Jab; Jai-Alai; OCR; Pure; PWR; Rage; Raw; RR-6; Spooky; Wiz; X-8; Zero (211012)