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Floorball Equipment - Sticks

Certificate: 102779
The following is an abstract of the certificate.

Holder of the certificate
Unihoc International AB; M÷lnlycke Fabriker 9 435 35 MÍLNLYCKE
Latest revision
Valid until
2019-09-30 Expired
Product name
Brands, stickmodels - Approved blademodels (certificates)
Unihoc Badge Curve 3,0
Unihoc Custom Line Curve 3,0 29
Unihoc Player Curve 3.0 29
Unihoc Player+ Curve 3.0 29
All shaftmodels above are approved with the following blademodels.
  - Unihoc Ace; Badge; C.A.P.; Cavity; Cavity Youngster; Cavity Z; EPIC; EPIC Youngster; Evo; EVO2; EVO3; Iconic; Infinity; iRule; Lash; Ni˝o; No. 6; No. 8; Player; Player+; RAD; Replayer; Strike-R; Unity; Volcano (102744)