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Floorball Equipment - Sticks

Certificate: 300207
The following is an abstract of the certificate.

Holder of the certificate
Zone Sweden AB; Mölnlycke Fabriker 11 435 35 MÖLNLYCKE
Latest revision
Valid until
Product name
Brands, stickmodels - Approved blademodels (certificates)
Zone 360 Boomerang
Zone 360 Butterfly
Zone 360 Glow
Zone 360 Unit
Zone 360 View
Zone 369 Boogie
Zone 369 Boost
Zone 369 Gale
Zone 369 Jibe
Zone 369 Nimble
Zone 369 Stream
Zone 369 Twist
Zone 9001
Zone ENVY Charter
Zone Greed Hilton
Zone Greed Silvio
Zone Greed Trump
Zone Masterpiece Iggy
Zone Masterpiece Vincent
Zone OX 99
Zone OX eleven
Zone OX fourteen
Zone Pipeline Carib
Zone Pipeline Sunset
Zone Pride Ramón
Zone RIP 91
Zone Rock Angus
Zone Rock Cosmo
Zone Rock Gravity
Zone Rock Jack
Zone Rock Jumble
Zone Rock Kilroy
Zone Rock Mazon
Zone Rock Newman
Zone Rock Raze
Zone Rock Sonny
Zone Rock Zeal
All shaftmodels above are approved with the following blademodels.
  - Radical NDF 199 (300201)
  - Zone 1; 2; 360; 369; ENVY; Force; Greed; Hyper; Masterpiece; Pipeline; Piraya; Pride; Rock; Supreme; Zuper (300201)