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Floorball Equipment

Following products are approved according to SP rules "Certifieringsregler för innebandyutrustning", SPCR no 011, and according to IFF.

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List: Certified Equipment (with now valid certificates)

Holder: Zone Sweden AB

Zone Sweden AB
Produktvägen 3
VAT-No: 556668-9781
Contact information
Phone : 031-3383300
Fax : 031-3383301
Certificate series
300207 Sticks
Zone 360 Boomerang
Zone 360 Butterfly
Zone 360 Glow
Zone 360 Unit
Zone 360 View
Zone 369 Boogie
Zone 369 Boost
Zone 369 Gale
Zone 369 Jibe
Zone 369 Nimble
Zone 369 Stream
Zone 369 Twist
Zone 9001
Zone ENVY Charter
Zone Greed Hilton
Zone Greed Silvio
Zone Greed Trump
Zone Masterpiece Iggy
Zone Masterpiece Vincent
Zone OX 99
Zone OX eleven
Zone OX fourteen
Zone Pipeline Carib
Zone Pipeline Sunset
Zone Pride Ramón
Zone RIP 91
Zone Rock Angus
Zone Rock Cosmo
Zone Rock Gravity
Zone Rock Jack
Zone Rock Jumble
Zone Rock Kilroy
Zone Rock Mazon
Zone Rock Newman
Zone Rock Raze
Zone Rock Sonny
Zone Rock Zeal
300215 Sticks
Zone Fighter Curve 1.5
Zone Force Curve 1.5
Zone Greed Curve 1,5
Zone Masterpiece Arizona Curve 1.5
Zone Masterpiece Curve 1,5
Zone Masterpiece Max
Zone Pipeline Curve 1,5
Zone Supreme Outbreak Curve 1.5
Zone Supreme Terminator Curve 1.5
Zone Wilhelm Curve 1.5
300216 Sticks
Zone Greed Curve 3,0
Zone Hyper Curve 3.0
Zone Masterpiece
Zone Supreme Air Curve 3.0
Zone Supreme Curve 3.0 27
Zone Supreme Dome Curve 3.0
300220 Sticks
Zone Force JR 35
Zone Piraya Fuji
300221 Sticks
Zone Air Force 29
Zone Breaker
Zone HYPER 29
Zone Masterpiece Miami
Zone Supreme 29
Zone Supreme V3
Zone Top Smash
Zone Zone Air 29
Zone Zuper Air
300222 Sticks
Zone Loader light 27
Zone Bajen
Zone Hard Knock
Zone Supreme RS300
Zone Supreme V5
Zone TRX
300223 Sticks
Zone Air Concept Super Light
Zone Baptiste
Zone Flash
Zone Force Superlight
Zone Hyper 27
Zone HYPER Airlight
Zone Hyper Glovestick
Zone Masterpiece Hawaii Ultralight
Zone Masterpiece Soho
Zone MONSTR Airlight
Zone Supreme 25
Zone Supreme 27
Zone Supreme Air Malmström EDT.
Zone Supreme Air Super light
Zone Supreme Air Ultralight
Zone SUPREME Airlight
Zone Supreme Eraser
Zone Supreme Glovestick
Zone Supreme Special
Zone Supreme Suzuka Ultralight
Zone Supreme Ultra Light 27
Zone SupremeAir Limited EDT.
Zone Zone Air
Zone Zone Airlight
Zone Zone Prolight
Zone Zuper Air
Zone ZUPER Air Fight Cancer
Zone ZUPER Airlight
300224 Sticks
Zone Air Base 31
Zone Air Strike 31
Zone Big Shot
Zone Brooken
Zone Dragon
Zone Force 31
Zone Harlem
Zone Hyper 31
Zone Masterpiece Bronx
Zone Masterpiece Neon Air
Zone Masterpiece San Diego
Zone Sense
Zone Supreme 31
Zone Supreme Air 31
Zone Supreme Air Malmström EDT.
Zone Supreme Fantasy
Zone Supreme Monza
Zone Supreme V1
Zone Zone Air 30
Zone Zone SUPREME V3
Zone Zuper Air
Zone ZUPER Air Fight Cancer
300226 Sticks
Zone Punch Curve 3.0
Zone Supreme Curve 3.0
300227 Sticks
Zone Force Curve 2.0 27
Zone Hyper Curve 2.0
Zone Masterpiece Air Curve 2.0
Zone Suprem Curve 2.0
Zone Supreme Glovestick Curve 2.0
Zone Supreme Silverstone Curve 2.0
Zone Zuper Curve 2.0
300228 Sticks
Zone Curve 1.5
Zone Force Curve 1.5
Zone Hyper Curve 1.5
Zone Masterpiece Air Curve 1.5
Zone Masterpiece Florida Curve 1.5
Zone Supreme Curve 1.5
300230 Sticks
Zone Air Concept Super Light Curve 2.0
Zone Force Curve 2.0 29
Zone Hyper Curve 2.0
Zone Supreme Curve 2.0
300236 Sticks
Zone Curve 1.0
Zone Curve 1.0
Zone MONSTR Air Curve 1.0
Zone Supreme Curve 1.0
Zone Zuper Curve 1.0